IMG_0229I can’t wait for this change to happen and by this time most every one close to me knows about it already including family. You know my long time conflict about helping and living my own life? Well, the latter won and is now claiming the loot.

It was originally scheduled for end of October. But knowing me as slow moving and obsessive about decisions, it took me longer to complete the requirements. That caused the turnover delay that will now happen towards the end of November.

So far I have shopped for some basic kitchen stuff and ordered my living room set (that will initially double as bed as I try to determine my finances) and looking to get a ref and a washing machine. I’m excited to have a place to have my music equipment set up too and hopefully separate work and entertainment areas.

Possible thing lacking would be someone to live with and call it home. But someone’s hopefully visiting next year and that could be one of our conversations.


Highway sign showing curve ahead - blurred background.Hey. It’s been a while, eh?

Nothing too exciting in the Nono Front, since my last post in June. My life seems so colorless now that I even bore myself.


August is apparently becoming one of the longest months for me as I stress over making some life changing decisions. It’s gonna be a long commitment and I hope I won’t give up too early in the journey.

I will be vague now but as soon as I make the decision I will do the announcement. (Currently preparing requirements and go through some pre-assessment so I will know my battle plan and if it will be realistic.)

23 August will be the turning point.

names are for tombstonesAs for September, I’m supposed to celebrate a rather important milestone. 3 September marks the anniversary of the first live performance of my music project names are for tombstones. Arwin, Ney and I; armed with a guitar each, my now-dead laptop and my old bulky mixer; went on stage (as the first incarnation of NAFT live) at the now defunct Mayric’s (turned Sazi’s and then disappeared, too) to play for Subkulture’s Children of Shadows with Sea of Rains and Five Wounds to Enter among others. We were nervous and inexperienced and was out of sync. Hehe.

Supposed to celebrate but I might be too tied up once Project August pushes through. It’s not just a regular anniversary but I am also back to being the difficult, distant person I labored hard to change. Hopefully I would even be able to come up with a commemorative compilation (medium at this time is still unknown), aptly titled Decadence, that will span NAFT’s creative existence. I also need to update the website since the Joomla! backend went bad already. *sigh*

So that sums up what I’ve been wasting my energy on at the moment. Thanks for reading.

  • Check listClean garage and have cat cage built
  • Clean store, repair
  • Middle unit repair
  • Firewall repair
  • Talk to T&N about house, moving out and Urban Poor
  • Look for apt in Pasig
  • Build Synthicide site
  • Build NTRDR site
  • Register NTRDR business name
  • Get TIN for business
  • Get business permit
  • Pay dues to Lorna and transfer lot title
  • Drill press
  • Circular saw
  • Drill bits for glass
  • Release compilation: Decadence
  • Celebrate 10th anniv in Sept
  • Synthicide gig in July
  • Travel with CB in Nov
  • Gym and weight/muscle gain
  • Test/repair guitar
  • New guitar
  • Blofeld
  • Ref
  • Stove
  • Wash mach
  • Water dispenser
  • Microwave
  • Bed and mattress
  • Medical checkup
  • Insurance
  • Pots and pans
  • Living room set
  • Dining set
  • Dinnerware